Guilhem Desq solo et ses invités

12 Juillet 2019


Time : 21:00
Venue : La Clairière

Virtuoso of the hurdy-gurdy, Guilhem Desq (laureate of the competition) gives a breath of life and innovation to this millenary instrument. he transforms this medieval instrument into a real timeless orchestra with a little ingenuity and a touch of electronics. His music takes us on a fantastic journey like the soundtrack of an imaginary film. An electric odyssey from Occitanie to get lost in invented lands where the Trad joins the Electro and where Heavy Metal elbows with the most dancing House! An opportunity to share and cross genres with confidence!
For the evening Guilhem Desq presents a solo score but will be surrounded by prestigious surprises guests …

Guilhem Desq : Vielle électrique


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