15 Juillet 2017


Time : 21:00
Venue : Grande Scène

Strings, horsehair, wood, animal hides, vocal chords, fingers and feet which dance to the traditional music from Romania ,Bulgaria, Serbia…
Ciuc gathers four musicians who come from different musical styles. Led by their violonist-cum-singer, they vibrate for these traditional tunes, whose refinement and grandeur they seek to highlight through the finest arrangements and the wildest improvisations. The result is a rich , colorful and vibrant music , improvised and open onto the world .

Elise Kusmeruck Violin – Voices
Gaëtan Coutable Violin
Simon Buffaud Basse
Yüla Slipovich Percussions

CIUC // TEASER 2015 // Élise Kusmeruck, Igor Malewicz, Simon Buffaud-Walczak, Yüla Slipovich // Musique from La Pâte à Films on Vimeo.

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