Aronde-Son continu
14 Juillet 2017 Aronde


Time : 21:00
Venue : Grande Scène

Aronde is a band blending two strong identities, with an original and unusual take on music, with, on the one hand, Clémence Cognet and Noéllie Nioulou, and on the other hand Thomas Baudoin and Romain Colautti. They are respectively from traditional Auvergnat and Gascon repertoires ( from Central and South-Western France). Merging two perspectives that seem very different from one another, Aronde is about joining style and simplicity.

Clémence Cognet violin, vocals, shruti-box, rebec
Noëllie Niouloucello, violin
Roman Colautti bass, percussion, boha, drone box, vocals
Tomàs Baudoin vocals, string tambourine, boha, shruti-box, percussion

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