Beyond the festive aspect, the « son continu » festival is meant to be a place where knowledge is shared, and where the distance between artists and their public is as small as possible. The priviledged relationship that the musicians entertain with their instrument-makers as true crafstmen , is at the heart of the festival’s team’s preoccupations.
Therefore, during the festival, you will find places where you will hear:

– Historians and instrument-makers, celebrating music’s history and their love of instruments ;
– Artists presenting off stage the context in which they create their music, reflecting their analysis and transmission of their art.

Conferences are free and take place in one of the castle’s rooms. The modest capacity (approximatly 80 seats) allow the speakers to be close to the public. The communication methods are varied : projections, oral presentation, musical games… Exchanges such as Q & A can be established with the public.

Thursday, July 12th 2018 – 4.00 p.m

Conference by Patrick Burbaud, Boha musicology expert

Bohas are Bagpipes from Gascogne, South of France. The book “Presentation of the Results of the Old Bohas Project”, published in 2016, provides a complete picture of the 19 old Bohas known today.
The conference will remind you of the original project of the “Bohaires de Gasconha” association, with its methodology and its consequences.



Friday, July 13TH 2018 – 4.00 p.m

Solange Panis: from Pierre to Solange Panis, such a beautiful dance…

(With the participation of Julien Barbances and Johan Chenet, violonists)

An original creation by Cliclic-Equinoxe, National Stage of Châteauroux

Solange is a singer and a dancer, loyal to traditional dances, accompanied by two violonists. Together they offer us a sensitive and touching soundtrack for the movies directed by Pierre Panis, Solange’s father. It is the occasion to pay respects to this inexhaustible man who trained several generations of dancers.

Saturday, July 14Th 2018 – 4.00 p.m

Marie-Barbara Le Gonidec, Gilles Kermarc, Laurent Bigot

Breton Bagpipes of the Great War
A research based on L’Illustration, the most important magazine at that time. One of the front pages showed a picture with musicians of the WWI French Army with several traditional Breton instruments. Marie-Barbara Le Gonidec, Gilles Kermarc and Laurent Bigot did some research on the regiment those musicians belonged to, 73th regiment of territorial infantry, but also on other musicians named in the archives.



Saturday, Sunday, July 15Th 2018 – 2.00p.m

Michel Lemeu : Danguy, who where you ?

The hurdy gurdy’s golden age was in the 18th century, and we still keep learning more about it. Our investigation brings us to discover Danguy, a fantastic player of that instrument. We find out who he really was through new sources, revealing a musician deeply involved in his musical age.