9.00 P.M

Coast to Coast

Coast to coast is the collaboration of five traditional musicians. They’re from the new multicultural generation. Shane (violin) comes from Ontardio (Canada), Caroline (concertina) comes from Limerick (Irland), Tom (Uilleann pipes) is franco-irish, Sean (guitarist, singer) is from Glasgow (Scotland) and Julien (bagpipes) is from Morvan (France). A great colorful mixture who honors these four musical regions. An opportunity to share and crossbreed the musical types.

Amsterdam Klezmer Band

Starting twenty years ago as a group of buskers playing traditional Yiddish party music on the streets, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band has evolved into an internationally celebrated band with a rock solid live reputation.



9.00 P.M

Guilhem Desq solo et ses invités

Virtuoso of the hurdy-gurdy, Guilhem Desq (laureate of the competition) gives a breath of life and innovation to this millenary instrument. he transforms this medieval instrument into a real timeless orchestra with a little ingenuity and a touch of electronics. His music takes us on a fantastic journey like the soundtrack of an imaginary film. An electric odyssey from Occitanie to get lost in invented lands where the Trad joins the Electro and where Heavy Metal elbows with the most dancing House! An opportunity to share and cross genres with confidence!
For the evening Guilhem Desq presents a solo score but will be surrounded by prestigious surprises guests …

Electrik GEM

Traveling the Mediterranean countries and being transformed by their cultures, Grégory Dargent, (L’Hijâz’Car, Sirventès with Manu Théron) and the musicians of l’Electrik GEM (Great Mediterranean Ensemble) has therefore decided to redraw its outlines.
Saturated guitars, revisited traditional group, explosive percussions, choir composed by sensual and wild voices, Electrik Gem is just like the Mediterranean cities, a musical impressionism suggesting existing townscapes or those to come.



9.00 P.M

Talec / Noguet Quartet

The Breton duo Talec – Noguet wanted to bring together two atmospheres that are dear to them: the ball atmosphere of the fest noz and the concert, the lively and energetic music for the feet and the soft and delicate music for the ears. Their two guests, Julien Padovani and Timothée Le Bour, come to share this new experience with their styles borrowed from more contemporary colors, jazz and improvised music.


Väsen is a unique ensemble that transcends barriers and delight listeners with their music and personality of these three great instrumentalists There’s a playfulness to their music, a joyousness, and a delight in making exciting new arrangements of centuries-old tunes, and new originals inspired by the tradition.



5.30 P.M

Compagnie Outre Mesure

This concert is meetings: meeting directories (old music and popular folk music), meeting stamps and meeting artists. Be curious to hear the interpretation of these musics by the all-rounder singer all recognized in their repertoire where improvisation and spontaneity is de rigor and where all open to a new world.

Pine Marten

Pine Marten are an innovative modern string band drawing on folk music from around the world. With influences ranging from bluegrass and Irish trad to folk, funk and blues, the band digs deep into these inter-related forms of roots music to create a unique and exciting sound. Their debut EP , ‘Gone Beyond’ recorded by Irish flute legend Alan Doherty, showcases these diverse influences with 5 tracks featuring funky modern bluegrass, breakneck old-time fiddle tunes, punchy Irish jigs and ambient original songwriting. The band is comprised of Paddy Kiernan, one of Ireland’s top banjoists, Niall Hughes, a bassist involved in countless projects in Ireland and abroad, folk-cello innovator Alec Brown, and one of France’s finest bluegrass musicians, Simon Guy.


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