The son continu festival offers its most beautiful surroundings to dancers and groups of musicians: the castle’s main courtyard. On the collaborative stage, bands of all sorts will take turns playing by day and by night. There will be over 30 hours of dancing in 4 days, a vast wooden floor and a place to rest with a view over the typical Berry countryside. Seven different bands will be featured in the midnight ball and the final ball.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday from midnight to 4am and Sunday at 8:30 pm.

Seven groups programmed in the courtyard of the Castle to stretch their legs after the concerts of the big stage.

Thursday, July 12Th

[At midnight]



A duet of very good friends, sharing multiple passions including skateboarding, Central France music and a certain interest for hooded sweaters. Their music has a very modern vision of a hurdy gurdy / accordion duet. It’s full of energy, it’s beautiful and it makes you want to dance. It’s refreshing.

Grégory Jolivet hurdy-gurdy alto électroacoustic
David Lecrot accordions diatonics


[At 2.00 a.m]

Boys Band Berrichon


Who is hiding behind those three Bs? We heard they are a quintet born and raised in the Berry region. That’s all we know, so come and see for yourself !

Friday July 13Th

[At midnight]


Limousin, Central-France

Alexandra and Anne, a duet full of energy and complicity, offer a concert inspired by the repertoire of the Limousin region, a diversity of timbres and dances. From traditional dance to polka, from sautières to waltz.

Anne Rivaud accordion diatonic
Alexandra Lacouchie violin


[At 2.00 a.m]


Ball without borders

Encounter with music and traditional songs of the world. These five experienced musicians mix their musical personalities in a concert without borders marked by Balkan and mediterranean cultures. Serving a folk public dance, creative and full of life.

Lucie Gibaux Clarinet, voice
Lucile Magnan Cello, voice
Fabien Bucher Guitar, Mandolin
Paul Oliver Violin, Algerian mondole
Samuel Wornom Derbouka, Doholla, Cajon

Saturday, July 14th

[At midnight]


local dance from Poitiers – Center of France

Four curious and handy musicians. Three bows, one bellows, 30kg of solid wood, 20 litres of sweat per ball, excited dancers, 46 strings, many skilful little fingers and 300kg of muscles raining down on you. And it makes your feet and ears feel good. It crackles, it sparkles, it bubbles, and that’s all that matters !

Nadege Queuniet accordion
Stéphane Devineau Guitar, cistre, violin
Thierry Heroux violin, banjo
Rivo Ralison Contrebasse, kick


[At 2.00 a.m]


agricultural Groove from Prigord – South West of France

You can count on this atypical quartet to make music and dance reach their heights.

Thomas Fossaert excavator
Christophe Celerier backhoe
Paul Motteau grader
Alain Josue bulldozer


Sunday, July 15Th

[At 8.30 p.m]



This quartet guarantees a great night of music. With their offbeat musical universe and festive atmosphere, Naragonia Quartet offers you a shot of musical energy.

Maarten Decombel Mandole, guitar
Luc Pilartz Violin
Toon Van Mierlo pipe, accordion diatonic, soprano saxo
Pascale Rubens accordion diatonic, violin



Scène participative

Every day in the castle yard on Thursday from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm, on Friday and Saturday from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm and on Sunday from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm.

This stage is open every day except during the concerts on the main stage. You will find the program on a board every day.

Scènes ouvertes

Every day in La Pommeraie

On the other side of the castle, in La Pommeraie, under a covered wooden floor you can see « discoveries » and more particulary vocal bands. During the night, this place is a dance space for all the bands. Open stages every day in La Pommeraie (Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm and Sunday from 3.00 pm to 7.00pm).

Close to the refeshment stands, open dance floors. Musicians, you only have to set up.…

      1. – Salon de lutherie
      2. – Clairière (concerts du soir)
      3. – Conférences
      4. – Parquets, scènes
      5. – Restauration, buvettes, grills, producteurs locaux
      6. – Villages associations