Thursday, July 13th

09:00 p.m.

«L’IMMOBILE VOYAGE» a trio from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, take 2

This band gathers three top-of-the-crop soloists. Those authors, composers and interpreters will let you hear original and personal compositions inspired from Central Asia and Eastern Europe. They are inspired by traditional music and will surprise you with some improvisations.
String and wind instruments and percussions are creating delicate and swift compositions

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XABIER DIAZ y Adufeiras de Salitre

As a musician, composer and committed defender of Galician tradition, Xabier Diaz comes with eleven percussionists and singers for a huge project around remixed folk songs, which give them an original approach. Be sure to enjoy “Mujeiras” and “pasodobles”!

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Friday, July the 14th

At 9:00pm


Aronde is a band blending two strong identities, with an original and unusual take on music, with, on the one hand, Clémence Cognet and Noéllie Nioulou, and on the other hand Thomas Baudoin and Romain Colautti. They are respectively from traditional Auvergnat and Gascon repertoires ( from Central and South-Western France). Merging two perspectives that seem very different from one another, Aronde is about joining style and simplicity.

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« Bourrées » from the Cévennes or Velay, Lodève country dances…
Founded thanks to Marianne Evezard’s hot and energetic voice, TRES has chosen to explore the sounds and dance music energy from the French « Massif Central » range’s castles. The musicians present this original repertoire, play with the rhythm and modal colors of these tunes to offer a lively concert

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Samedi 15 juillet 2017

à partir de 21h.


Strings, horsehair, wood, animal hides, vocal chords, fingers and feet which dance to the traditional music from Romania ,Bulgaria, Serbia…
Ciuc gathers four musicians who come from different musical styles. Led by their violonist-cum-singer, they vibrate for these traditional tunes, whose refinement and grandeur they seek to highlight through the finest arrangements and the wildest improvisations. The result is a rich , colorful and vibrant music , improvised and open onto the world .

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It’s an unusual concept: a Scottish man (Moshen Amini recognized as young musician of the year in 2016 by the Scottish BBC) who met an Italian, an Austrian and a Frenchman in Limerick in Ireland. They each brought their ideas and their way of expressing their music inspired by traditional tunes or original compositions. It’s the FOURTH MOON trademark!

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Sunday, the 16th

5:30 p.m.


The three of them are Belgian. They are talented and full of humor. They are three troubadours of modern times who lead you on a trip through myths and Celtic legends along with Scandinavian epics, as well as other traditional laments, polyphony, bagpipes and flutes. To put it in a nutshell : a travel across their country’s cultural heritage.

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The quartet Dour Le Pottier has invited Stefanie Theobald on 2 tracks of their first album « Trid an Douar ». The experience on stage confirms the relevance of the meeting and gives birth to the « Douar » stage project . Keeping the rhythms and melodies from Britanny, they yet keep them in the background, to create the base for a new musical style : « dreamlike tribal music».

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