Thursday, Friday and Saturday from midnight to 4am and Sunday at 8:30 pm.

Seven groups programmed in La Pommeraie to stretch their legs after the concerts of the big stage.



These four young and friendly musicians develop rhythmic music in the service of dance and borrow the compositions of their illustrious elders. (Shillelagh, Naragonia, Ballsy Swing…).

Camille Timbre : Violin
Youmi Bazoge: Violin, voice
Noé Bazoge : Cello
Léon Ollivier : Diatonic Accordion


Banjo(s) !

Bet a bit crazy to have four tenor banjos playing in different styles together. They will not be too many to make you appreciate in this spiritually confused early millennium, the instrument of sages and scholars.

Julien Cartonnet : Banjo
Romain Chéré : Banjo
Antoine Cognet : Banjo
Olivier Sulpice : Banjo


Patates Sound System

The trad music is current! This group participates in the interpretation with new influences and new instruments delivering a powerful psychoelectro-rock.

Jérémie Moncoudiol : Pipes, flutes
Vincent Sionneau : Hurdy-gurdy
Laurent Lepoul : Electrc Guitar, banjo, mandol
Samuel Arnoux : Machines, SPDS, banjo, bass
Olivier Leroy : Battery, banjo, bass



Coming from Nantes, – gateway between Breton, Gallo, Vendean, Angevin cultures – Denoan is the complicity of three friends and the complementarity of their instruments, which take pleasure in making dance with energy, sensitivity, always to looking for a good time

Guillaume Audran : Bass
Olivier Chéné : Mandol
Benoit Lardière : Diatonic Accordion



Moussaka Trio

An invitation to dance, to the trance on a repertoire mixing personal compositions and traditional pieces. Come and enjoy the energy and the festive sounds of this new “power” trio.

Flavien Di-Cintio : Diatonic Accordion
Vincent Fisson : Guitar
Nicolas Côme : Clarinet, saxo



A desire for common communication with the amenities, and to train the dancers on a breathtaking tour! … electrifying and hypnotic music, from neo-trad to contemporary music.

Baltazar Montanaro : Violin
Laurent Geoffroy : Diatonic Accordion, accordina
Jean Michel Martineau : Bass
Damien Dulau : Guitar, bouzouki
Aurélien Clarambaux : Diatonique Accordion



Trio Jolivet / Padovani / Robin

It is the meeting of three virtuosos (Berry, Poitou, Brittany) around the same animal passion for the groove in the service of the dance. Be careful, the floor will tremble!

Grégory Jolivet : Hurdy-gurdy
ulien Padovani :  Chromatic Accordion
François Robin : Veuze
Ronan Fouquet : Sound




Scène participative

Every day in the castle yard on Thursday from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm, on Friday and Saturday from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm and on Sunday from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm.

This stage is open every day except during the concerts on the main stage. You will find the program on a board every day.

Scènes ouvertes

Every day in La Pommeraie

On the other side of the castle, in La Pommeraie, under a covered wooden floor you can see « discoveries » and more particulary vocal bands. During the night, this place is a dance space for all the bands. Open stages every day in La Pommeraie (Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm and Sunday from 3.00 pm to 7.00pm).

Close to the refeshment stands, open dance floors. Musicians, you only have to set up.…

  1. – Accueil, Billetterie
  2. – Salon de Lutherie
  3. – Scène clairière, concerts
  4. – Scène Pommeraie, ateliers, bals
  5. – Scène Château, ateliers, bals, concerts
  6. – Château, conférences, consignes
  7. – Village des associations
  8. – Stands préventions et divers
  9. – Espace restauration, producteurs locaux